n-sileA silage additive specifically designed for the challenge of UK conditions


How it works

N-Sile contains a 3 pronged formulation designed to combat spoilage organisms and give superior rapid fermentation resulting in stable silage at feed out.

3 Key Ingredients:

  • Bacillus – This ingredient combats spoilage organisms such as yeasts, moulds, clostridia and listeria. Treat mycotoxins at the point of ensiling rather than at feed out
  • Pediococcous – This ingredient dominates the upper pH scale and starts the pH drop
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum – Once pH drops to around 5, this bacteria then drives down the pH to a completion of pH 4. At the finished pH  this stops the growth of spoilage bacteria and inhibits the plant’s natural protein degrading enzymes.


The Result 

Stable silage with minimal nutrient loss that is not too acidic.

Retains more true protein and plant sugars

Excellent clamp stability

Excellent palatability

Encourages intakes

Although N-Sile may be a new name on the market, it is in fact based on successful formulations manufactured for many years by our producers. We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that batches are fully traceable and clearly labelled. Every order is dispatched direct from the manufacturer directly to you to provide full traceability that your product is coming from an accredited and reputable manufacturer.

N-Sile is manufactured by FEMAS and UFAS registered producers, customers can be assured they will receive a product that is manufactured to strict and accredited feed regulations made with cutting edge proprietary bacillus and lactobacillus strains cleared for use in the UK market. As such it can be relied upon to give you the best and most cost effective results


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